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A Brief Discussion on the Characteristics and Application of Stone Paper-2

Advantages of Stone Paper

It has good physical properties: Stone paper not only has the same whiteness and opacity as traditional paper but also has many properties that traditional paper does not have, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, chemical corrosion resistance, high printing clarity, good mechanical properties, flattening performance, surface smoothness and degradability.

It has good safety performance: the main body of stone paper is inorganic substances such as calcium carbonate. Resins and various additives are also non-toxic and have no adverse effects on the objects contacted. At the same time, Stone paper does not absorb water, mold is difficult to adhere to the paper surface, and its waste paper treatment is also safe, so it will not cause soil pollution.

Good scope of application. Through the application of various new technologies, Stone paper products have many new characteristics that ordinary paper does not possess, such as high strength, anti-fog, anti-oil, anti-insect, long elongation, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, folding resistance and so on. Therefore, it has a wider use than ordinary paper. Its scope of application, in theory, seems to be able to replace most of the traditional paper, including cultural paper, industrial paper, packaging paper, information paper and special paper. For example, it is used to print beautiful calendars, posters, book covers, illustrations, art books, picture albums, children's books, all kinds of exquisite decoration packaging, paper handbags, labels, trademarks and so on. As well as high-level posters, maps, notebooks, product instructions, textbooks, magazines and so on for exquisite printing. In addition, there are underwater operation paper, field operation paper, underground operation paper, military field paper and other special paper.

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