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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stone Paper

I. composition of environment-friendly stone paper:

80% inorganic mineral powder +15%PE+5% additive.

Ii. It has 52 national and regional invention patents:

United States, 27 EU countries, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, India, Canada, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, Arabia, Greece, Romania, Brazil, South Africa, Ukraine, etc.

Iii. Production of environment-friendly stone paper:

No water, no tree cutting, no bleaching, no acid, no alkali, no drainage, no exhaust, no slag.

Environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, low carbon, recycling.

It has certifications such as FDA, ROHS, REACH, etc.

Iv. Characteristics and application of environment-friendly stone paper:

Tear resistance and folding resistance: packaging bags, handbags.

No phosphor: it protect eyesight, and is used for books, pictorial, instruction manual, notebook, etc.

Waterproof and anti-freezing, anti-bacteria: it is used for food, beer, beverage labels, rice bags, flour bags, fertilizer bags and so on.

Oil - proof, and it can directly contact with food: food packaging.

No silk flow direction, and no fiber: high paper utilization, less ink for printing, and less fountain solution.

Non - absorbent non - deformation: color registration, high definition and good color reduction.

Strong comprehensive performance: it is widely used in the field of coated paper, double-adhesive paper and some special paper.

Wide application of printing: used for offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, rotary printing, screen printing, etc.

Good machinability: die cutting, hot stamping, embossing, pasting, drilling, binding, etc.

V. The shortcomings of environmental stone paper:

It is waterproof but does not absorb water: it cannot be made into sanitary paper.It is the mixing of PE and stone powder, so it can not tolerate 140 degrees high temperature, and it is not used for laser printing, thermal paper category.

It has no fiber, it is very soft, so the folding is good. It does not flash, but it is difficult to be used for high stiffness of the printing paper.

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