What's happening to Stone Paper in 2015?

Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprises is continually creating new, innovative solutions for sustainability in the packaging and wrapping industries. 2015 is an breakthrough year. Even more ideas are conceived and existing products are improved. As the year come to the second half, the team at Stone Paper became anxious to step forward  to make a ne break. The biggest projects on the horizon consist of ideas and products specifically tailored for the needs of a major ski resort. Environmentally friendly maps, ski pass pouches, food service packaging, along with much more, will be some of Stone Paper’s main projects this year.

Aside from working closely with the sustainable paper project, other team members are becoming involved in other industries. In addition to hospitality, stonepaper company has taken Mineral Stone paper to the music and film industry, providing some of the most effective sustainable packaging resources available today. Shenzhen stone paper Enterprises is making strides to accommodate the needs of clients within any industry, as well as delivering consistent sustainable solutions. in mid-to-end of this month of the year, Stone paper company will be exhibiting at tradeshows(both at home and abroad) which focus on sustainable business practices. These tradeshows and other events will provide Stone Paper company with even greater exposure for the Mineral Stone paper and related products.