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Guarantee the Quality of Stone Supply

Two key points to ensure the quality of stone supply
As a natural product, the combination of raw materials, processing technology and excellent construction can create a perfect stone project. The raw materials have already been determined when buying raw materials. As far as the current situation is concerned, developers do not have the ability to select blocks. Therefore, the typesetting and post-construction in the processing process are the key to ensure the quality of the stone as well the stone paper.
Point 1: Typesetting
When cutting, avoid defects and improve the quality of the specification plate. Select a similar large plate, choose the grain and similar specification plate. According to the drawing, typesetting, the color of the plate that does not meet the standard should be replaced in time. The effect of typesetting must be confirmed. Packing should be accompanied by layout diagrams and numbers. After the list layout is completed, the staff of the fine decoration unit entrusted by Party A or Party A must confirm on the spot. After confirming, it can be packaged. It must be constructed according to the layout diagram. In the case of construction of drawings, the typographer is responsible for the effect of the typography; if the construction unit fails to perform the construction according to the plan, Party A is not satisfied with the effect of site paving, and the construction unit must reconstruct the construction and bear all losses of Party A. In the case of construction according to the figure, if the effect after the wall is not ideal, the supplier shall bear the responsibility. 

Point 2: Construction
The construction sequence of the stone work is the first wall surface floor, the first bathroom and the living room. Before the supply, the stone paper suppliers will be fully familiar with the construction drawings and site status. The manufacturer's technical personnel shall write the relevant information about the characteristics, construction, transportation, and stacking of the various types of stone on the construction site personnel.
In the construction process, when the stone breaks, it should be glued or replaced by the stone factory personnel. In the construction process, the stone supplier must have a number of management personnel such as project managers at the site to coordinate on-site transactions such as receipt and handover; at the same time, small-scale processing equipment such as hand-operated edge trimmers and water mills should be used to meet the needs of construction. Replace some of the on-site processing (prerequisites to provide processing site on site). While assisting the construction, in order to prevent the paving stone from being contaminated in the subsequent fine decoration construction, the finished product protection work must be carried out. Finally, the crystallization treatment of the stone should be done well.