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Improvement and Development Prospect of the Production Technology of Rich Mineral Paper

Improvement of production process

In the production of rich mineral paper, the stone must first be broken to a small enough size to be screened to meet the fineness requirement of powder at least 15oo. The powder is then modified and mixed with resin to make granules. The granulator is made into a jellly fluid and extruded into a certain thickness by rotating at high speed through a single rod. The sheet is then rolled and stretched to form the required thickness of the stone paper. In this process, the remaining material can be recycled and reused. Finally, the paper enters the double side coating of the coating equipment, so that the product can be put into storage after having good printing characteristics. At present, the plastic calender used in the production of stone paper can only be pressed to 0.8mm thickness sheet. And the thickness of the rich mineral paper is 0.01mm, this plastic calender obviously can not meet the needs. 
The patent application with the public number cN102373648A discloses a special calender for producing rich mineral paper. It includes roller, motor, transmission gear, high pitch adjusting device and electric control device, including 10 roller wheel. In addition to A and B feed rollers, C- H rollers are two - way roll rollers. The device adopts five calender and stretch, which is conducive to melting some unplasticized powders and having good foaming ability. The substrate can be formed under 0.8mm thickness, which can better meet the needs of the production of rich mineral paper.
 The invention patent provides a method for manufacturing three layer structured lightweight stone paper. The method is to pour three layers of different ingredients into three extruders to squeeze out the paper film, and then treat the paper film at 160 ~170 C. The processed rich mineral paper has a hollow structure inside it, so as to reduce the weight of rich mineral paper. Compared with the same thickness of rich mineral paper, the foaming layer of light rich mineral paper weighs 18%~35% less. The existence of empty holes makes the rich mineral paper have a vertical supporting structure, which also improves the stiffness of the rich mineral paper to a certain extent. 
Economic prospects for the rich mineral paper industry
The rich mineral paper industry is beneficial to the economic development of the mountain areas with few natural resources. Compared with the cultivation of crops, the production of rich mineral paper does not require rich forest or aquatic resources. Especially for some mountainous areas that lack agricultural production resources but are rich in limestone resources, rich mineral paper projects can be made from local materials with a short production cycle. Each unit consumes only two-thirds of the energy of a traditional papermaking process and can quickly generate output. While the international crude oil and veneer costs continue to go up, the cost advantage of rich mineral paper products will become larger and larger. Compared with the traditional paper production enterprises, rich mineral paper enterprises can achieve better cost control. 
Rich mineral paper industry is conducive to the structural adjustment and optimization and upgrading of rural industries. In recent years, the state has vigorously promoted sustainable development and vigorously supported the green paper industry. The rich mineral paper industry conforms to the support policy of the state environmental protection project and can directly solve the employment of farmers. In China's first stone paper production base Jilin province, economic development mainly depends on agriculture and stone resources. In the second year after the completion of the stone project, the sales revenue reached 326 million yuan. This has played a positive role in accelerating the development of local secondary industry and promoting the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure.
As a new paper making technology, the technology maturity, adaptability, equipment reliability and product performance are not stable. Combined with the development of the paper industry and the demand of the market, traditional paper is still the mainstream of the paper industry. However, with the breakthrough of research on production technology and equipment of rich mineral paper and the improvement of technology maturity, rich mineral paper is bound to have a broad prospect.