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Ink not easy dry? Offset Problems About RPD and RBD Paper?

Below are recommendations valid for both RPD and RBD paper. 

Weather: Humidity can affect the speed at which ink dry. Where it is a raining day and humidity tends to be higher, then it may take longer for the ink to dry. On the other hand, should it be a sunshine day, where humidity tends to be lower, then for light print jobs only about 30minutes is required before turning over to print. On the other day should it be heavy print job 2~3hours will be required before printing on the reverse side.  

Stacking: Where it is heavy print jobs, do not stack the paper too high. We recommend keeping the print jobs in stacks of about 20cm in height. Height can be reduced and increased based if it is a light or heavy print job respectively. 

Hardening Agent: Often hardening agents are added in printing inks to reduce offset problems. However, using hardening agents on stone paper is not recommended, please refrain from using hardening agents when printing on both RPD and RBD stone paper.