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Inorganic Powder Environmental Stone Paper Project Flow and Principle

1. Project Introduction Inorganic powder environmental stone paper is mainly made of limestone mineral resources with large reserves and widely distributed (content of calcium carbonate is 70 to 80%), and high molecular polymer is used as base material (content is 20 to 30%). The polymer interface chemical principle and the characteristics of polymer modification, after special treatment, using polymer extrusion, blow molding process. Inorganic powder green stone paper products have the same writing and printing effects as plant fiber paper. At the same time, it has the core performance of plastic packaging. 2. The main principle of the product The large amount of CaCO3 in the product reacts with CO2 and H2O after being discarded or buried deeply to form water-soluble Ca(HCO3)2 and leave the stone paper. The remaining material with a large number of micropores will increase the polymer contact with air. And the area of the microorganisms leads to rapid degradation of the polymer. At the same time, in the process of solid waste incineration, due to the presence of a large amount of CaCO3, it can absorb acid gases such as HCI and H2S in the air, eliminate the hidden danger of CI elements generating dioxins, reduce the incidence of human cancer, and reduce the emission of incineration products into the atmosphere. The number of toxic and hazardous substances. The birth of the Inorganic Powder Environmental Stone Paper Project is another revolution in the paper industry following Cai Lun Paper, and it is a historic revolution to solve the problem of white pollution. The products can not only save energy and water, but also reduce the emission of organic gases and organic matter, reduce resource consumption, protect the ecological environment, and can also develop rich limestone mineral resources in various regions, and have application value and application for upgrading and expanding China's mineral resources. The scope has important practical and social benefits for improving the modernization of China's paper industry and polymer processing industry, creating a harmonious social environment, expanding domestic demand, stimulating consumption, and stimulating rapid growth of local economy.