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Magical Waterproof Stone Notebook

Stone paper is a new type of material between paper and plastic. From the perspective of replacing traditional paper, it can save a lot of forest resources for the society and reduce the secondary pollution generated in the papermaking process. From the perspective of replacing traditional plastic packaging, it can save the country a lot of strategic resources (saving 2.3 tons of oil per ton). The product can be degraded after use without causing secondary white pollution.

Compared to wood pulp paper, stone paper has no additives and is therefore safer. It inherits the material of stone characteristics, waterproof and folding resistant.

The waterproof function not only makes the writing smooth, but also does not smudge when the water is written.

The black stone paper material is very easy to color and can be written with a light stroke. I won’t feel sore when I write for a long time. It is simply the gospel of the recorder!

In terms of quality and quality, waterproof stone notebooks are easy to fold, and also have the characteristics of waterproof, insect proof, tear resistance and photolysis.

waterproof stone notebook