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Material Sources for Stone Papermaking Technology

Due to the use of raw materials that are different from traditional papermaking, Dong Suocheng, a researcher at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that stone paper production process/stone-paper-production/ is a papermaking industry dominated by inorganic materials. It has no major pollution to the environment and no major damage to resources. It is an environmental protection industry. Therefore, it is expected to replace the traditional paper products based on plant materials and mainly organic materials.
“Limestone is everywhere in China, and it is very rich. The paper industry is a serious industry in our country. China's imported timber pressure, resources and environmental pressure are all great. If this product can replace traditional paper to a certain extent, its economic benefits , eco-efficiency, in particular, the impact of energy-saving emission reduction is quite large." Dong Suocheng pointed out.
From the perspective of projects that have been or will soon be launched, they are all making full use of local stone resources. For example, the Wulong project in Chongqing utilizes local calcite and barite resources (calcite is very abundant in Wulong, Pengshui and Nanchuan in Chongqing). In Shaanxi, dolomite and tremolite were used as raw materials. In addition to stone mineral raw materials, coal gangue powder, industrial waste residue (such as slag), fly ash, etc. have also been gradually developed as papermaking raw materials.
The Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Paper and Specialty Papers, which is built on the basis of the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, announced on a few days ago that it has successfully researched stone paper manufacturing technology and has produced stone paper base paper samples. According to the person in charge of the laboratory, dolomite, tremolite from Qinling, gangue powder from northern Shaanxi, and industrial waste (such as slag) can be used as papermaking raw materials.
Ye Ruyu, the former deputy chairman of the National People's Congress of National Environment and Resources Committee, highly praised the stone paper industry: “Inorganic powdered environmental stone paper projects can save energy, save water, reduce resource consumption, reduce pollution, protect the ecological environment, and improve China's paper industry. And the modernization of the polymer processing industry, creating a harmonious environment, and stimulating economic growth will all have positive effects."