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Point Stone into "Paper" - Stone Paper

Stone paper, as the name suggests, is made of stone. Of course, this is a common understanding. In fact, stone paper is a new type of paper that is made of inorganic powder such as calcium carbonate in limestone as the main raw material, and organic resin such as polyethylene or polypropylene and auxiliary agent as auxiliary materials, and the blend formed by special process such as mixing and extrusion. Usually, the ratio of the inorganic powder such as calcium carbonate is 70 to 80% (the particle size is about 1000 mesh, about 13 micrometers, and the higher the requirement is to reach the nanometer level), and the ratio of the organic resin is 15 to 30%. The calcium carbonate content of this paper is much higher than that of organic resin. It is called stone paper, also called Shike paper.

Stone Paper

What are the advantages of the stone paper itself? First, the stone paper can be protected from moisture and water by containing a certain resin component. Its tensile strength, tear resistance and folding resistance are also stronger than plain paper, especially suitable for use in wet environments. Second, stone paper has no plant fibers and the surface is smooth and flat. It is not easy to smudge when writing, and it saves ink when printing. Third, stone paper is mainly a powder structure, which can be automatically weathered in the exposed environment for 3 to 6 months. If it is burned, it will burn easily and will not produce black smoke. Fourth, there is no need for bleaching in the production of stone paper, and there is no risk of heavy metal residues and fluorescent agents, which is relatively safe. It is precisely because of the advantages of stone paper that it has been well applied in news publishing, packaging, advertising, cultural paper, maps, decorative wallpapers, etc. since its inception.