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Stone Paper Bag Packaging Leads the New Era of Green Packaging

Stone paper has the property of plastic, which has certain requirements on temperature. Therefore, there are technical challenges in the process of producing corrugated cardboard. In printing, it has unique requirements for ink, and it is not a general ink that can be printed. Finally, in the nailing and bonding process, the glue is also a unique formula of the group.

In terms of technical thresholds, stone paper bag packaging requires a complete set of printing and packaging equipment, talents, and management systems. It is difficult to start and has a long cycle. As a new supplier of paper packaging, our company has a complete set of printing and packaging equipment, talents and management systems. Stone paper bag packaging is a very competitive long-term strategy. At present, the stone paper outdoor posters, labels, bags and other packaging materials that can be seen on the market can be printed mainly for two reasons: First, the ink used is quick-drying ink, which is more expensive than traditional printing ink. Second, if normal printing is required, the surface of the stone paper needs to be coated. The cost is also more expensive than traditional printing inks. The above two points have led to the general cost of stone paper and technical advantages. However, our company successfully solved this problem and mastered the core technology and invention patent of “a stone paper printing process”. Through the breakthrough of new technologies, printing is realized by using traditional printing machines and inks, which is convenient, cost-effective and technical.

Stone paper bag packaging