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Stone Paper Granulation Extrusion Equipment and Requirements

The basic structure of stone paper extrusion equipment:

1. Mixer
2. Hoist
3. Cone double force feed
4. Single screw host
5. Air-cooled hot head
6. Cyclone separator
7. Shaker
8. Silo

The mixer material is fully automated by the elevator, the conical double feeder, the extruder, pelletizing, cooling, screening, and the terminal silo. After the material is smelted, it can be forced into the single screw, and the screw is dispersed throughout without excessive friction heat. The dispersion effect is excellent, and the host current is small, energy saving and environmental protection. This machine is used for stone paper, PVC, low-smoke halogen-free cable material, internal and external shielding cable material, chlorinated polyethylene, functional masterbatch, masterbatch, heat shrinkable material, PP+ carbon black, low smoke, halogen-free series and other plastic materials. The production, including the mainframe, double cone forced feeding, die surface hot cutting system, etc. The raw material of the mixer is squeezed into the granulator by cone and double extrusion, and then cut into particles after single screw extruding. This unit operates very simple.

Mixer - Hoist - Cone double feeder - Single screw granulator - Blow-cutting head - Primary cyclone - Two-stage cyclone - Extended air-cooled vibrating screen - Finished silo

In order to produce better stone paper, the performance of the equipment is higher:

1. The batching system is completely closed, and the automatic program controls the switching feeding;
2. The raw material modification process is even and the indicators are controlled. The
3. Multi-layer extrusion system touch head all imported;
4. The process of production must be fully calculated, the extrusion pressure should be stable, the temperature rise of the material should be controlled evenly, and the temperature control of the barrel tube must be accurate and sensitive. The
5. The die is the key to production, must be a multi-layer synthesis, to meet the lamination of a close and uniform, smooth. The
6. In the process of drawing the paper, the need for accurate speed control, the appropriate angle, master the magnification extension adjustment processing requirements. The
7. The surface treatment device should be adjusted or replaced according to the different positioning of the product so as to achieve a higher level. The
8. The winding system tension, speed control accuracy requires automatic control and processing.

Compared with ordinary fiber papermaking, stone papermaking has the following features:

(1) It is no longer necessary to use wood to make paper (without wood pulp and plant fibers) and no more to cut down trees (at present, 25 trees need to be cut every one ton of paper) to effectively protect human ecology;
(2) No water is needed in the papermaking process (10-100 tons of water per ton of paper is needed for traditional papermaking); effective saving of valuable water resources, reduction of waste water treatment links and costs in the papermaking process, and significant reduction in papermaking Production costs;
(3) No steam boiler is required in the papermaking process; production investment is reduced, production costs are reduced, and production safety is improved;
(4) The papermaking process does not need to add acid, no alkali, no bleaching, no exhaust gas, no sewage, no air pollution, no pollution to the water source; this will not cause environmental pollution and harm to the environment, and does not require production purification procedures at the same time;
(5) The production site has a small footprint, a clean production environment, reduced production costs, and simplified production management;
(6) Inexhaustible cheap raw materials allow production to be guaranteed and profitable;
(7) Simple production process, fully automatic production line. Diversify products, automate production, and manage more easily.