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Stone Paper Introduction

Stone paper is a new type of material between paper and plastic. It can not only replace the traditional part of functional paper, and professional paper but also can replace most of the traditional plastic packaging. And it has the characteristics of low cost and controllable degradation, which can save a lot of costs for users and will not produce pollution. From the point of view of replacing the traditional part of the paper, it can save society a lot of forest resources, but also reduce the secondary pollution generated in the stone paper manufacturing process. From the perspective of replacing the traditional part of plastic packaging, it can save the country a large amount of strategic resources of oil (2.3 tons of oil can be saved per one ton of use). The product can be degraded after use and will not cause secondary white pollution. The new environmentally-friendly material, the stone paper industry, has a wide range of materials. There is ample room for product upgrades, technology enhancements, and application areas to be expanded. It is a very vigorous and well-developed industry.
“Inorganic powder-friendly inorganic stone papermaking technology that can replace plant fibers” is based on calcium carbonate, the most abundant mineral resource in the earth's crust, while using macromolecule materials and additives as auxiliary materials, utilizing the principle of polymer interface chemistry and filling modification sexual technology, a kind of reversible recycling made by special process, a new type of papermaking technology with modern technical features. The birth of this technology not only solved the harm caused by papermaking pollution to the environment, but also solved the white pollution caused by the use of a large number of plastic packaging materials and the waste of a large amount of petroleum resources. Compared with traditional paper, stone paper series products are safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, waterproof, anti-fog, oil-proof, insect-proof, tear-resistant, folding-resistant, biodegradable and affordable. Stone papermaking technology does not cut trees, use water, discharge sewage and toxic and harmful substances in the production process, and does not cause any pollution to the environment and air. Stone paper products can be degraded into powders and the land can be reduced.
Product Category:
The first category: degradable environmental protection packaging materials products;
The second category: environmental protection stone wall paper products;
The third category: green stone paper products.