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Stone Paper Too Soft To Feed Through The Printing Machine?

RBD is a thicker and stiffer type of material thus it will not have feeding problems caused by the paper that is too soft. In contrast, RPD paper being a softer material can at times cause some printers to print slower. Should printers find stone paper too soft to feed through the printing machines then one may consider the following to alleviate feeding problem. 

Change Paper Thickness Used: Generally printers printing paper above RPD 120micron in thickness will not find the material too soft for printing. Should you be printing on RPD 100micron and have troubles feeding the paper through then using thicker grades can be considered to increase the printing speed.  

Adjust Conveyer Belts at the Paper Feeding Area: When feeding very soft paper at very fast speed, the edges of the paper can "fly" which can cause printing machines to print slower or often stop. This problem can be alleviated or solved when the belts are redistributed evenly across the paper, and ensuring there are belts located at both edges of the paper. This will ensure the paper is fed through with minimal "flying" if any, and thus assist in the increase of print speed. 

Choice of Printing Machine: In general printing machines such as Roland and Heidelberg do excellent in printing on stone paper even the thinner softer series. Should the printing machine have the anti-static equipment, turning on these can assist in the printing speed too.