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Stone Paper works as the package, which can save about 30% of the cost

A piece of calcite and a piece of paper, the two totally unrelated items, are now closely linked to a high-tech industry.

It is reported that the "Stone Paper" is different from the traditional paper making. Its main raw material is the most abundant mineral resource in the crust — calcium carbonate, mostly refined from calcite at present. It is known that compared with traditional paper, "Stone Paper" also has advantages of curl-proof, mildew-proof and moth -proof.

The greatest significance of "Stone Paper" is that it breaks through the traditional paper making which has lasted for more than 2000 years and whose raw material is wood pulp and straw pulp. It solves the problem of raw material and achieves zero-pollution in materials and emissions . Therefore, more and more enterprises and institutions have already  chosen the product of "Stone Paper".

At present, products made from stone have begun to enter the field of packages. Traditional textile  products use plastic packages, which will cause serious white pollution. The bag made from stone will be more resistant when it is torn and folded, with advantages of high strength, geometric stability and so on. What's more, it can save about 30% of the cost. If we can promote the use of the product, environmental transformation and upgrading will be accelerated.

The use of Stone Paper:

wallpaper, cardboard boxes, cartons, coated paper, cigarette paper, labels, cards, advertising and decorating paper, postal paper; in special paper: such as field work paper, underwater paper, mine operating paper, military special paper.

It can be said that there is a wide range of applications, and with the continuous maturity and upgrading of stone paper making technology, it will be used more widely. The cost of stone paper products is 20% -30% lower than that of traditional paper products . With such a strong competitiveness, its market prospect is very good.