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Stone Papermaking Equipment Introduction and Use Method

Stone papermaking full set of equipment:

1. Tricyclic Central Micropowder: Output 2-3 tons per hour, equipment power 30KW, grinding fineness 300-3000MU, weight 40 tons, covering 100 square meters, 5 meters high. 

2. Calcium carbonate powder granulator: 1 ton per hour, with drying system, with automatic feeding system, covering 200 square meters, 6 meters high, equipment configuration: Mixer - Hoist - Cone Double Feeder -Single-screw granulator - Blow-cutting head - Cyclone separator - Two-stage cyclone - Extended air-cooled vibrating screen - Finished product silo.

3. Stone paper base paper extrusion equipment: three screw honey refining extrusion, four-roll rolling, cooling, casting stretch system, width 1200 mm, hourly output of 1 ton stone paper, equipment power 200KW.
Function: With automatic granulation system, before and after the automatic thickness scanning system, automatic report maintenance, six computer monitoring, the United States imports of screw, imported grinding head, imported thickness measurement scanner, automatic weighing, automatic winding. An area of 500 square meters, 4 meters high.

4.Microcomputer coating equipment: Bi-directional micro-computer automatic coating, 20 meters per minute, equipment power 24KW, equipment width 3 meters, length 6 meters, height 3 meters, 980,000 each.
Stone Papermaking Granulation Equipment - Stone Papermaking Line - Detailed Description - PP, POE, EVA, PE + 85%i Talc, Calcium Carbonate, Nano Calcium Carbonate Professional Configuration Units - Production Process:
The calcium carbonate in the limestone is extracted, and then the ore is ground into ultrafine powder with a high calcium content of 1500-2500 mesh. Then a second process was performed to add 85% of the modified calcium carbonate to the masterbatch by adding 15% of additives (PE, etc.). Finally, the paper or bag is made by extrusion film blowing equipment.

Equipment technology configuration:

1. Mixer (mixes and disperses raw materials)
2. Hoist (elevate mixer's refining material to feeder)
3. Cone double-forced feeding (Mixed into a dough shape in a mixer and forced into a single-screw extruder with a double cone feeder)
4. Single screw main machine (press and extrusion)
5. Air-cooled and hot-cutting machine head (cut single-screw extruder into pellets)
6. Cyclone separator (disperse cooling of the pellets)
7. Vibrating screen (screening too fine and large particles)
8. Silo (loading finished product)

The key process requirement is that the granulated raw materials do not mix well, and it is easy to produce bubbling, cracking, voids, and voids in the next stage of the paper-out process. The mixing of the granulating raw materials is not good, and it is easy to produce bubbling, fracture, voids, and hole gaps in the next stage of the paper discharge process.