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Stone Procurement and Supplier Selection

Quality assurance is the key to stone procurement and use norms to eliminate instability.
The high- quality is the key to the excellent stone paper and related products.
With the increasing use of stone in construction, stone procurement has become an important part of real estate building materials procurement. Compared to most other parts, stone is a natural product and unique, which complicates stone procurement. It's a headache for property purchasing managers. Therefore, the standard stone procurement process management is the focus of procurement.
The six basic processes of stone procurement
In general, from stone mining to processing and transportation to the real estate project site, many processes such as blanking, brushing, sanding, cutting of specification plates, typesetting numbers, six-face protection, and packing boxes are required. Among them, the selection of large plates at the time of material cutting, the cutting of the specification plate, and the layout numbering are the three main stages that allow the cooperative developers to participate in controlling the stone effect.
Stone procurement process can be divided into six steps:
1. The assessment of short-listed stone companies
Choosing the right stone company is not easy. The stone units are mainly divided into two categories: Stones mainly imported from abroad, block materials and slabs sold to domestic stone units, trading companies not directly connected to the project, and the whole process of the stone industry chain, to undertake project supply or construction engineering company. 
2. Sample sealing
Like other parts purchases, stone purchases also need to provide samples for developers to seal samples. The general sample size is 300*300-600*600. However, it should be noted that stone is a natural product and it will inevitably be different.
3. Determine the cooperation unit and sign the contract
The early signing of the contract with the stone supplier by the developer is also a guarantee for the smooth cooperation of the project. In particular, imported stone takes a long time to transport, and some of the more popular types of stone also have a tight supply situation. Giving the supplier a reasonable and adequate processing lead time is an important factor in ensuring the quality of the stone.
4. Developers to confirm the big board, lock the source
Locking the large plate after the calibration is actually locking the same source of minerals in the same period. On this basis, the supplier supplies according to this standard (whether it is imported directly from abroad or purchased at the head of water to buy large plates or blocks), which is beneficial to development. The merchant controls the quality of the stone coming into the market later.
5.Schedule delivery plans along with the project and follow up 
Before the stone is placed on the spot, it is necessary to conduct on-site measurement. According to the measurement results, the layout diagram is drawn. On this basis, the processing is arranged according to the dimensions indicated in the layout diagram.
6. Follow-up acceptance and cooperation with the parties after arrival
When the stone enters the construction site, the developer needs to follow the contract agreed by both parties and refer to the national standard and industry technical standards. Refer to the sample for acceptance of the incoming stone.