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The Gradual Development of Patented Stone Paper Technology

The development of the stone paper industry has been controversial. On the one hand, its main ingredient is a mixture of calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, and talc. These inorganic mineral powders have a wide range of sources, which can be recycled, get rid of paper dependence on wood resources, and reduce the consumption of forest resources and water resources in the traditional papermaking process. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is an environmentally friendly material. However, on the other hand, inorganic mineral powders require a large amount of synthetic resin as the connecting carrier to form a tough sheet, which is essentially a highly-filled modified plastic material, and the processing of chemical substances and the final waste in the production process. It will cause some damage to the environment. It is also true that although the stone paper has appeared as early as the last century, it was not used until some time ago for some products. However, higher-than-dose resin additions have kept the cost high, and at the same time have a higher density than traditional fiber paper. Due to the disadvantages of large size, poor stiffness, and poor writing, it has not been well developed. In the 21st century, the stone paper research project has received strong support from the country. Its production technology has been greatly improved, and the product properties have been further improved, and the amount of inorganic mineral powders has increased. The use of degradable resins allows the final product waste to be completely degraded. The entire production process basically achieves no "three wastes" emissions, which is in line with the trend of low-carbon, energy-saving and sustainable development. As an alternative to fiber paper, stone paper has received more and more attention and recognition, and its criticism on environmental issues has become less and less.