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The Origin of New Technology of Stone Papermaking and Its Composition Analysis

Stone papermaking is a new industry that is gradually emerging in China. Compared with traditional papermaking, this stone paper production process does not require water and does not generate waste gas, waste water and other hazardous waste. The paper has the characteristics of degradable, recyclable, water-proof and moisture-proof, good writing property, good printing performance, high definition, etc. It can replace about 60% of wood pulp and straw pulp, which has great economic value and meaning.
Stone paper products will also soon appear in our lives. During the “two sessions” in 2014, paper bags and notes on the tables of delegates and committee members were replaced with stone paper from previous recycled paper. At the end of March, cities such as Beijing and Chongqing will also purchase products such as operation books, shopping bags, garbage bags, raincoats, disposable tablecloths and other products that are produced using limestone as the main raw material in supermarkets, stores, and convenience stores.
At present, waste paper is the main source of raw materials for papermaking enterprises in China. China has imported more than 10 million tons of waste paper every year. Together with some of the waste paper recovered in China, the proportion of waste paper in the raw material structure is as high as 52%. In addition to waste paper raw materials, there are traditional trees, bamboo and other raw materials.
The composition of stone paper is mainly stone powder (composed of calcium carbonate), addition of resin, and the like. At present, apart from Taiwanese enterprises, many domestic companies or research institutions claim to have mastered the technology. From the published information, the technology of each one is almost the same, and the proportioning components are similar, basically 80% of stone powder is added with 20% of additives. The specific ingredients, proportions, and operating techniques are somewhat different.