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The Production Equipment of Stone Papermaking Technology is the Key Link

“A key process of the stone paper production line is the grinding of raw materials.” According to experts from Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd., the main raw materials for stone paper are calcite, marble, and limestone. After ultra-fine grinding machine processing, the output is more than 350 mesh ultra-fine powder. After special treatment, the ultrafine powder is fully mixed with 15% polyethylene and 5% cement, and the finished product is stone paper.
"Therefore, it is critical to choose a good milling machine." Liming Heavy Industries and Technology experts said that in the field of production equipment, the domestic production of three-ring medium-speed micro powder and high-pressure micro powder mill materials can be ground to 2500 ~3000 mesh. In the field of chemical grinding and ultrafine powder processing, there are a large number of customers, among which are many calcium carbonate industrial milling and processing companies.
“At present, many companies that want to launch a stone-paper project are prepared to purchase or customize equipment. At the same time, they all require special production technologies and processes.” Jiangxi Ruichang Caishi Papermaking Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chua Company) The surnamed Wu’s official told reporters that as one of the domestic stone papermaking equipment suppliers, Chua’s stone papermaking equipment consists of three major units: raw material manufacturing, base paper production, and surface modification. According to different requirements, its equipment can be customized according to customer requirements, all equipment delivery period is 5 months, and the minimum production volume of 5000 ~ 8000 tons/year.
The person in charge said that the stone papermaking equipment provided by the Chua Group complies with the clean production requirements, without the need for water, steam, acid and alkali, and wood pulp, and realizes a fully automated production process. The entire production equipment covers an area of only 1/10 of that of traditional papermaking equipment. Production workers only have 1/3 of the traditional papermaking equipment, and the price is low. The stone paper project has several requirements on the performance of the production equipment: The feeding and dispensing system should be completely closed. The automatic program control to switch the feeding. The raw material modification process is uniform, and the indicators are controlled; The die head is the key to production and must be It is a multi-layer synthesis and needs to meet the tight, uniform and smooth lamination; The surface treatment device must be adjusted or replaced according to the different positioning of the product in order to achieve a higher level; The tension and speed control accuracy of the winding system must be controlled automatically.