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The "Stone Paper" of the Year Can be Used for Food Packaging Now

The “stone paper bag packaging” that attracted the attention of the representatives of the two associations in 2010 has recently gained new uses. Stone paper bag packaging can be widely used in food packaging, food shopping bags and food and beverage products. Stone paper bag packaging is processed by special techniques. It is a new type of papermaking technology. The principle is to grind the main component of the stone, "calcium carbonate" into ultrafine particles, using polymer materials and auxiliaries as auxiliary materials, using polymer interface chemistry and filling modification technology.

Stone paper production does not cut down trees, use water, discharge sewage and toxic and hazardous substances in the production process. Stone paper series products are safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, waterproof, anti-fog, oil-proof, insect-proof, tear-resistant, folding-resistant, and affordable.

After being used for office and printing paper, stone paper bag packaging has developed and produced food-related paper and plastic bags, such as milk boxes, grain packaging, meat packaging, tablecloths, napkins, packaging boxes, shopping bags, etc. Due to the low cost of stone paper bag packaging, the selling price is 15% lower than that of non-stone products. If you do not consider balancing market price factors, there is still room for downside.