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The Uniqueness of Stone Paper Business Notepads

With the erosion of time, the words written on ordinary paper are difficult to maintain for a long time. However, when the general paper is limited in the long-term maintenance problem, the stone paper business notepads may really break the spell and reawaken the memory of the far away.

In terms of quality, the stone paper business notepad is easy to fold, and also has the characteristics of waterproof, insect proof, tear resistance, photolysis and the like.

Folding experience: The experience is very good: compared to the ordinary notebook as large as 21CM thick, the stone paper business notepad is still very satisfactory in the folding effect of writing. Especially when writing half of the page number, it is very convenient to write near the folded corner of the stone paper business notepad.

Cover waterproof experience: Secondly for waterproof, it should include cover waterproof and waterproof inside. For the cover waterproof test, we spilled the water on the cover. When it was dried with a paper towel, the cover was the same as the original, and the waterproof effect was ideal.

stone paper business notepad

Inside the waterproof experience: So how about the waterproof performance of the paper inside? Again, we will drop a drop of water on the paper and wipe the water. You can see that the paper remains the same, and there is no foaming feeling that ordinary paper shows.

Photolysis: The same contrast experiment was used. Compared with ordinary paper, the stone paper business notepad had a bright flame during the burning process, and no black smoke appeared, and no odor was generated. The product after burning is returned to the essence, that is, stone powder. This ordinary paper clearly shows a disadvantage.