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Writing Characteristics of Stone Paper Business Notepads

Of course, whether it is a comfortable touch or a unique detail inside, the book is used for writing. So what is the difference in the writing of the stone paper business notepads?

The writing characteristics of the stone paper business notepads: the writing is smooth, and the words have a three-dimensional sense.

stone paper business notepad

Highlight 1: The writing is smooth;

This is the most intuitive experience after using the stone paper business notepads. In the process of writing, the written handwriting is smooth, and does not cause the pen tip to run ink, and the word is easy to bring out the pen, and the word effect is more beautiful than the general paper writing.

Highlight 2: The word has a three-dimensional concave and convex feeling

If you look closely, for a very large word to write, with a little bit of force, the handwriting will show a three-dimensional concave and convex feeling. This is a bit of a hint of stone lettering.