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YUPO Paper Printing Adaptability and Popular Fields

The special chemical treatment of YUPO paper surface makes it have good printing adaptability. However, there are many factors that will affect the performance. The acidic solution can react with calcium carbonate in the YUPO paper to cause weight loss of the YUPO paper, but has little effect on its strength properties. Some organic solvents and their volatile gases can cause permanent damage to YUPO paper such as wrinkling, curling and so on. During the use of YUPO paper, toluene, benzene, heptane, and some aromatic compounds should be avoided. For some mineral oil solvents, they must be tested before they can be used. The generation of static electricity is the most prominent for the printing performance of YUPO paper. Static electricity on the surface area will directly affect the coating and adhesion of the ink. In order to avoid the generation of static electricity, in addition to some static elimination devices, the control of the printing environment is also very important. At around 25°C, about 60% of the air humidity conditions can be said to be ideal conditions. In addition, the choice of ink is also very important. In addition to good chemical compatibility with YUPO paper, it is also necessary to take into account the chemical stability in the actual use environment. In particular, inks containing complex metal salts and solvent systems are used. On the one hand, it is necessary to understand the stone paper suppliers' relevant information. On the other hand, it is necessary to conduct sufficient tests. At present, YUPO paper has become the first choice for in-mold label materials due to its excellent overall performance in the field of in-mold labeling. In the process, some problems are also encountered . For example, due to slight changes in the edge of the label, the label may not be completely fused with the bottle wall during the blowing process, resulting in a weak link in the entire bottle body. For this problem, it can be avoided by finding the corresponding influencing factors in each link. There are also products that belong to chemical cleaning agents, and their properties are different. Some products may affect the ink on the labels. The experience in this area is currently relatively low. Sometimes to ensure the stability of the ink, to a certain extent, limiting the choice of color. From this point of view, It is hoped that more ink knowledge are understood . YUPO paper has not been used for a long time as a new type of material in China. With the extensive use of YUPO synthetic paper, everyone will have more and more knowledge about it.