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How Do Hard Stones Change into Plastic Bags? Commercial Skills in Chemical Industry

Stone paper packaging products can be degraded in sunlight for three months and buried underground for one year. That's why Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. can get faster development opportunities for stone bag and paper.

Although it is an environmental protection product, the stone environmental protection bag has gone out of the past environmental protection product "the more environmental protection, the more expensive" circle. Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. knows more about the stone situation in China through research, which is the most productive, the lowest cost and the most widely used raw material. Stones need to be made full use of.

Cheap stones reduce the production cost of stone bags. The production cost of a stone shopping bag is two to three percent lower than that of ordinary plastic bags. That is to say, if supermarkets change ordinary plastic bags into stone shopping bags, consumers can buy large bags for one yuan in the past for a few cents.

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