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How To Introduce Stone Paper Clearly And Simply

Stone, one of the richest mineral resources on earth, is the main material of stone paper. Stone paper is new environment-friendly material made through the process of modification of calcium carbonate and HDPE.

In the production process, no trees are cut down, no water resources are consumed, no water resources are polluted, no chemical drugs such as strong acid and strong alkali, bleach and fluorescer are used, and no waste water, waste gas and waste residue are discharged.

It has the common advantages of paper, plastic and cloth: environmental protection, waterproof, oil-proof, insect-proof, high strength, folding resistance. It is degradable, non-fading, non-pilling, has good heat setting and heat sealing. It can be heat sealed and soaked without damage.

Product shape:

it is made of rolls with width of 1100mm. For convenient use, it can be cut into rolls with small width or flat sheet according to requirements of client.

Product thickness:

0.1mm, 0.16mm, 0.2mm.

Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. provides stone paper for sale throughout the year. Customers who want to buy stone paper can call us to know more about it. In addition, we can meet the requirements of clients according to the need of clients such as printing and dyeing on the surface of stone and paper.