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Is Stone Paper FDA Certified?

There is one type of our Stone Paper which is FDA compliant. What needs to be noted for FDA compliance is that even though a product might be FDA approved, but those approvals are only general and for each food application, specific approvals must be obtained.

Reason: Different foods have different chemical characteristics and therefore we must be absolutely certain that the food application being used in connection with our paper doesn't create any adverse chemical reaction to negatively affect the integrity of the food or characteristics of the paper. For example to use the wrap for bread purposes are fine, but to use it for wrapping lemon might not be. It's not the lemon or the paper itself that is the problem. If the paper is not properly converted into a food wrapping paper, the lemon's acid touching the edge of the paper horizontally without the edge of the paper being protected with the protective coating might create a chemical reaction when in contact with the calcium carbonate and therefore not compliant with FDA regulations. This is currently being resolved with wax or an additional layer of plastic in the pulp paper industry. We can resolve this issue by double folding the edge of the paper so that the horizontal edge does not come in contact with food.

FDA Compliance Certificate for the code of Federal Regulations with respect to soluble and extractable matter as an environmental paper and food grade suitability.

Many FDA and other related tests have been carried out on Stone Paper products and copies of these tests are available on request should a particular use of Stone Paper demand such test results and certifications.