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Is Stone Paper Recyclable and Degradable?

Yes, our Stone Papers are recyclable, meaning the same product can be made from its own waste. Our Stone Papers are also photo-degradable. Which means they degrade according to the intensity of UV they are exposed to in the landfills in different regions of the world. For instance, if they are in Vancouver, it might take about a year and a half to degrade. If they are in Saudi Arabia, it might take 6 months. But that's direct UV exposure without any barrier. That is not the case for printed materials exposed to the sun by an office window. The photo-degradability for recycling purposes is only in the landfills where there is direct UV exposure with the mass weight of other trash which plays a crushing factor. When the HDPE degrades, the molecules of the resin are broken down which gives it the effect of a very thin layer of brittle material such as dried paint or very fragile/brittle eggshell effect. Essentially when the HDPE has broken down the rest of the material is calcium carbonate (Rich Mineral) which is an abundant element in nature.

Just need to touch a bit more with respect to recycling factors. Even though a recycling identification (no.2) has been assigned to this product, but since the global volume of the Stone Paper is very low compared to the pulp paper, at its current low volume, the Stone Paper can actually be put in any recycling stream such as paper, plastic, glass, etc..without adversely affecting or damaging the existing recycling streams. Reason being is because some degree of calcium carbonate is used essentially in most products as a natural element. With the increase in the volume of Stone Paper, the product will eventually find its own stream side by side with other recycling items.