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Is Stone Paper Suitable for Digital Printing Machines?

Stone Paper is only suitable on select machines. Most digital machines create a high degree of heat (up to 400 degrees Celsius) to fuse the ink into the paper. This creates a softening effect of the HDPE resin and therefore our Stone Paper starts to soften out. As a result, the paper could get wrinkled or jammed in the machine. Sometimes it could even show the preliminary shrinkage signs as it comes out of the machine which could fail the product in the quality control division of the finishing plant.

Now, not all digital machines create heat. There are some digital machines such as HP Indigo and Xerox 700-800 which do not. Because we don't want to damage the market, we would rather not advertise digital capabilities until such time when we could bring the capability on board 100%. For the time being Stone Paper has only shown compatibility with HP Indigo and Xerox 700-800 machines.