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New Industry Knowledge, Will Stone Paper Bags Replace Plastic Bags

A stone is just ordinary stone in other places. Through innovative processing and refining, Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. can produce new materials PCC high-energy masterbatch. It can alternative plastic products that is not different from petroleum-based plastic products in the appearance. It is environmentally friendly and reduces production costs.

Environmentally-friendly bags produced by PCC high-energy masterbatch have been promoted in many supermarkets. Now, 130 million paper bags are supplied to the Guangzhou market every month, and they are also exported to Europe and the United States.

According to the introduction, the PCC high-energy masterbatch developed by stone can be directly degraded by thermal oxygen and then it can be turned into calcium carbonate after incineration. It also breaks down naturally when exposed to natural light. It is unlike plastic, which is difficult to break down naturally and pollutes the atmosphere after burning and leaves coke.

Plastic restrictions create business opportunities

"Plastic bags are a necessity of life. It's hard to ban them. How can we fundamentally solve the problem that plastic bags are not environmentally friendly?" The company set its sights on the stones all over the mountains. After years of efforts, they overcame many scientific difficulties. At a cost of tens of millions of yuan, they finally developed plastic masterbatch from the stone - a new type of environmental protection materials. It can replace plastic in many fields.

At present, stone paper bags have cooperated with many large supermarkets and well-known brands in China. The takeaway bag of food orders on the Internet at ordinary times is stone paper bag. In addition, the company has cooperated with several property management companies in Guangzhou to distribute stone paper bags of different colors to residents in the community for garbage classification.