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Paper Bags Will Replace Plastic Bags

Plastic bags bring convenience to people's lives, but the overflow of plastic bags has a great impact on the purification of the environment. The implementation of plastic restriction system has brought inconvenience to life, so it is necessary to find a substitute product. Stone paper bags are quite good paper bags. They are waterproof, heavy and cool. Unlike other paper bags, they are very strong and do not leak. Different from traditional paper bags and gift bags, this stone paper bags do not need to cut down a large number of wood as raw materials. It is mainly made by putting forward calcium carbonate in limestone, and then using polymer as raw material, through a special process. In the process of production, there is no need for all kinds of chemicals and harmful gases and substances.

Most people think that the traditional plastic bags have a great impact on the environment. If the stone paper bags can replace the plastic bags to some extent, their economic and ecological benefits, especially the role of emission reduction, will be very great.