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Should Anyone be Concerned with Respect to the Plastic Component Being Toxic in a Landfill?

As previously mentioned, our paper is photodegradable, not biodegradable. HDPE is not naturally biodegradable since its molecular structure breaks down with the intensity of natural UV light.

When HDPE molecular structure breaks down, the HDPE loses its elasticity and crumbles into pieces like the eggshell under pressure. Therefore its effectiveness is destroyed.

The entire degradability of the product is valid in landfills with the landfill environment consisting of the weight of the trash, constant UV exposure, and natural interaction with other waste and chemical reactions present in the landfill, etc.

With our Cradle to Cradle or regenerative design certification, which is the biometric approach to the design of products and system, there is hardly any concern with respect to the non-toxic HDPE component in the landfill. Our certification models human industry on nature's processes viewing materials as nutrients circulating in healthy, safe metabolisms.