(RBD) Rich Mineral Board Double Coated

Thickness (Micron):  100 120 140 160 180 200
Density (g/cm3):  1.2g/cm3
Base Weight (g/m2):  120 144 168 192 216 240
Brightness :  90%
Gloss:  6%
Roughness:  2um
Tearing Strength CD:  2kgf/ 15mm
Tearing Strength MD:  91%
Packing in Sheet :  250pcs/pack, 30kg/pack
Stone Paper type :  Magnanimous Paper(A* )
Order Quantity:1 , Tons

We have RPD/RBD/SPN/ST stone paper, four types.

1.SP (stone paper)  (specific gravity 1.2)

(80mic, 100mic, 120mic, 140mic, 160mic, 180mic, 200mic)

(96gsm, 120gsm, 144gsm, 168gsm, 192gsm, 216gsm, 240gsm)

SPN stone paper : uncoated

SPS stone paper : single side coated

SPD stone paper: double side coated

2.SCB (Stone paper Card Board) ( specific gravity 1.4 )

(200mic, 250mic, 300mic, 350mic, 400mic, 450mic, 500mic)

(280gsm, 350gsm, 420gsm, 490gsm, 560gsm, 630gsm, 700gsm)

SCBN stone paper: uncoated

SCBS stone paper: single side coated

SCBD stone paper: double side coated

3.SF (Stone paper Film) (specific gravity 1.0)

(70mic, 80mic, 90mic, 100mic, 110mic, 120mic)

(70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 110gsm, 120gsm)

SFN stone paper: uncoated

SFS stone paper: single side coated

SFD stone paper : double side coated

4.ST (Stone paper Thermoforming board ) (specific gravity 1.6)

(300mic, 400mic,  500mic,   600mic,  700mic,  800mic,)

(480gsm, 640gsm,  800gsm,   960gsm,  1120gsm, 1280gsm)

STN stone paper: uncoated ,smooth surface

SFN stone paper: uncaoted ,rough surface

Product Specifications


Stone Paper

Item   NO.:

SP 100 A*



Paper Type:


Thickness :




Base Weight:








Tearing Strength CD:


Tearing MD:





Customized products available



Packing: In sheet or In Roll

250pcs/pack 30kg/pack

Supply  Ability:

2million Tons/Year


By Sea

Lead  Time:

Within 7-15 days after receiving 30 % deposit.

Payment Term:

T/T,   L/C or others for negotiation

Samples   offer:

Free   sample, express charge on customer side

Sample   arrangement:

Samples  will be prepared  wthin 1 day

Sample   delivery:

1-3 days by DHL/UPS/:Fedex/TNT/  5-7 days by EMS

Product Feature

1.Stone paper is completely tree free. It is made from natural stone---calcium carbonate, limestone and HDPE.

2.Stone paper is waterproof, anti bacterial,tear and smudge resistant and easy to write on.

3.Stone paper is completely photo-degradable, easily recyclable and chemical benign.

4. Less waste is generated in creating this paper than regular paper.

5.Replace 1 ton of regular paper with 1 ton of stone paper and you will save: 6 million BTU of energy; 20 trees;

167 lbs of solid waste; 236 lbs of atmospheric emissions and 7480 gallons of waste water.

Product Show


Why Choose US:

1) 300 Tons Conventional Stocking

300 tons of stone paper as a conventional storage with different thicknesses and sizes to make sure you will get quick service.

2) High-Tech Stone Paper Making System and Multiple Patents to Guarantee You Ace Quality Product.

We've been engaged in stone paper R&D for many years and have complete stone paper making chain and obtained with ISO9001.

3) Our Professional Research Group.

Our Professional Research Group have always been devoted to advancing paper making technology. Due to their dedicated efforts,

we are now approved with: RoHS, REACH, FDA and obtained ISO 9001:2008.

4) Opening-up and cooperation

No matter where you are from, business is small or big, any of your inquiry will be highly valued. opening-up and cooperation would

always be our struggling goal.


Q: Is there whiteness variation?

A: For environmentally friendly reasons all stone paper products are 100% free from bleach. As bleach or optical brighteners are not

added, this means that slight variation in the whiteness between different thicknesses and batches can occur. This is normal.

Q: What is rubbing resistance / rubbing effect?

A: Via normal offset printing methods, rubbing the printed matter against the paper itself may result in colour offsets. This is normal.

Special ink Overgloss, sealing, aqueous coating or extra converting procedures (e.g.film laminating) can be performed to reduce or

eliminate this.

Q: What is the accepted thickness variation?

A:  SP: thickness variation of up to ± 5 microns.     SCB: thickness variation of upto ± 6 microns.

Particularly when printing solid colours, colour differences may be visible due to the thickness variations. However with continued

quality development these normal variations are expected to reduce.It is expected that thickness variation will further reduce to

3-4 micron with the commissioning of new  and enhanced paper machines.

Q: Is set-off a problem?

A: Stone Paper can be treated much like usual paper stocks. Especially with boards it is recommended to use small stacks or racking

in the delivery especially when large solids are printed. Anti- Offset Spray Powder can be used as per normal. If the press has Infra

Red Drying Units (IR) then these should be turned off as the tail end of the sheet may curl or distort with heat, especially with

papers(SP). Another benefit is that power usage is reduced.

Q: Is stone paper less opaque?

A: Due to inherently different materials, compared to pulp paper, stone paper is generally more transparent although a new coater recently

has considerably improved opacity to 88%.

Q:Can Stone Paper be used in a laser printer or photocopier.

A: Stone Paper is not suitable for Laser Printers or Photocopiers where high heat is generated as this may distort the sheet and cause

jamming. Low temperature Digital presses that print well 1 sidedon Stone Paper include. HP Indigo 5500, HP Indigo 4500, HP Indigo

Jet Pro UV (wide format), Oce UV wide format, Ricoh Gel Office printers.

Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A:All of our products are approved with FDA, ROHS, REACH, and obtained ISO 9001:2008.

Q:Is Stone Paper recyclable ?

Stone Paper can be recycled through the category 2  HDPE recycling stream that can be recycled by converting the used paper back

into pellets and then be remade into coloured paper and other plastic products.

Q: How does Stone paper compare with other synthetic papers?

Stone paper is much more eco-friendly, and carries a lower cost than papers with comparable properties such as Teslin®, Tyvek®,

Paper Tyger® and Polyart® (all registered trademarks). Our stone paper has the advantage of being eco-friendly and tough, durable,

tear resistant and waterproof !

Q: Can Stone paper be laser or inkjet printed?

Our paper prints beautifully on inkjet or solid ink printers such as Xerox’s Phaser series (more eco-friendly than laser or inkjet) but

will not print on laser printers because of the high heat involved in laser printing.

SHENZHEN STONE PAPER ENTERPRISE LTDThe  company that owns the stone papermaking industry chain in China.for years, we have been dedicated

to accelerate eco-friendly technology and its products with one goal: to protect the most valuable carbon storing resources—Trees and Forests.With environmental

stone paper: Synthetic paper (SP), Synthetic Card Board (SB), Synthetic Film (SF) and Master Batch,  Our first-class customer service, high-tech means and

market-oriented mechanism, We need you to join us to protect global water resources, to transform and upgrade the paper industry model. Let’s work together.