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Stone Paper Production Realizes Industrialization and Enters the Domestic Chemical Industry Market

Stone paper production realizes industrialization and enters the domestic chemical industry market

The cost and price of stone paper bags produced by Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. are about 1/5 lower than those of the same type of plastic bags. The production process of stone paper is simple. It does not need to cut down trees or plant fibers. Instead, it uses limestone mineral resources as the main raw material, macromolecule polymer as the base material, and after special treatment, it is made by extrusion and blow molding process of polymer. The product has the same writing and printing effect as plant fiber paper. It can replace all plastic packaging materials and be used in the production of stone paper. Packing paper, cultural office paper, advertising information paper and special paper and other fields.

As far as we know, Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. has put into full production this new type of stone paper bags, which contains 85% calcium carbonate. It has many characteristics, such as safety, environmental protection, non-toxicity, high tensile strength, high damage resistance, and stable geometric size.

Speaking about the company's development plan for the next three years, the head of the company said: "By 2012, we will build 15 production bases with an annual output of 360,000 tons and five base bases with an annual output of 1 million tons of modified calcium carbonate raw materials in the main target areas throughout the country, totaling 5.4 million tons per year. Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. has developed and molded more than 80 Stone paper products in 5 categories, and the time for industrialization is ripe.