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Stone Paper Production

Grind Powder Process
1 Grind Powder Process The raw materials of stonepaper is provided in this process. 
After cleaning and broken, Calcite block has been grinded to lime carbonate powder (600mesh), and the average grain diameter could be 5μm-8μm, It would be sent to the warehouse after grading screening.
Pelletize Process
2 Pelletize Process After surface active treating, the lime carbonate powder fully mixed with polyethylene. In high temperature and high pressure conditions , with organic fertilizer catalyst of complete mixer and the granulating process, then produce the high fill and high dispersion of master batch.
Blown Film Production (RPD/RBD)
3 Blown Film Production (RPD/RBD) Paper is made through the blown film method, by controlling the air pressure, air volume, traction speed, discharge speed and other parameters, automatically output after being plc processed and calculated, so as to precisely control the paper thickness and uniformity.
Coating Process  (RPD/RBD)
4 Coating Process (RPD/RBD) The paper leveling, corona, coating, drying, calendering and other process can be achieved in one step with the high-speed double-sided coating machine. The original coating liquid formula from our company has completely solved the problem that powder is wasted in stone paper printing over the years, effectively improving the printing efficiency of stone paper.
Papermaking (RPD/RBD)
5 Papermaking (RPD/RBD) Through the rolling method for paper production, the material is mixed, compressed and extrusion molded. The substrate which is produced by double-sided coating form the delicate surface suitable for ink printing, as well as showing the printing patterns more perfectly. This product can be used as the cover page of newspaper, magazines, and handbags, achieving the waterproof effect without coating.
Papermaking (ST)
6 Papermaking (ST) After rolling process, material end spacing, compression, extrusion molding, die head for three layers structure of co-extrusion, the middle tier for high calcium carbonate filling base material layer, inner and outer surface of pure polyethylene layer. This product could be widely used in mold process and processed into lunch boxes, plates, etc. After Corrugated shape, also could be made into waterproof boxes or other products.
Cutting-Finished Product
7 Cutting-Finished Product Besides the normal specifications, our stone paper also can be cut according to customer requirements.
  • The width of any side of the paper sheet ≤ 1100mm
  • The width of the roll paper ≤ 1100mm
  • The length of RPD roll paper: 3000-5000 meters
  • The length of RBD roll paper: 2000-3000 meters