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The Features of (RBD) Rich Mineral Board Double Coated Stone Paper

  • For plastic/ paper board applications
  • 200-400 mircrons thick
  • 60% calcium carbonate + 40%PE

Type Thickness Density Base Weight Opacity Applications
um g/cm3 (g/m2)
(RBD) Rich Mineral 
Board Double Coated
250 1.5 375 >90% Paper bags,Kid's books,Calendar, leaflets, 
brochures, packaging,boxes, gift boxes, 
Album of paintings,Displays, 
outdoor applications,
300 450 >90%
350 525 >90%
400 600 >90%
(RBD) Rich Mineral Board Double Coated Stone Paper
1. One ton stone paper can save 20 trees.
2. One ton stone paper can save 280Kw /H electric energy .
3. One ton stone paper can save 7480 gallons clean water.
4. The stone paper production area was only 1/10 of the traditional fiber factory.
5. Stone paper production need only circulating cooling water, the traditional fiber paper produce a large amount of waste water

Is Stone Paper Suitable for Hot Beverage Such as Tea or Coffee?

Stone Paper tolerates temperature variances from -65 to +70 degrees Celsius. According to our tests till now, if water is boiled constantly for long period of time (tested up-to 30 min) in a Stone Paper cup, the HDPE resin used as bonding agent starts to soften. Therefore for liability purposes, we will not ensure the compatibility of the product for hot beverages. For cold beverage such as juices, the product is perfectly fine.

Is There a Specific Temperature that the Stone Paper Starts to Crumble?

It is sensitive to anything over 105 degrees Celsius during printing. Our Stone Paper is not suitable for coffee cups, but it is perfectly fine for cold beverages.

What Applications is Stone Paper Best Suited for?

Even though there are endless applications suited for Stone Paper, we still recommend the paper to be used as an alternative option to paper treated products such as paper treated with PE or Wax. With benefits such as waterproof, tear-resistant, fire retardant, and grease repellent, to name a few, Stone Paper applications are only limited by your imagination. The sky is the limit. Everybody in their own field of expertise is welcome to try it out and see if it benefits them in any way.

Is Stone Paper Produced in Clean Vacuum Room?

Our food grade paper is produced in clean vacuum room. Other types of papers can be produced in clean vacuum room as per client's request.

Is Stone Paper Cost-Competitive Compared to Recycled Paper?

Stone Paper is very cost-competitive compared to recycled paper.
Some companies get away with adding only 5% recycled material to paper and claim to be socially responsible.
There are hundreds of different grades of recycled papers in the market. In general, we compete with most recycled options.

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