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The Features of (RPD) Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated Stone Paper

  • For paper applications
  • 100-200 microns thick
  • 80% calcium carbonate + 20%PE




Base Weight







(RPD)Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated





Food packaging, Notebooks, Notepads, Hotel supplies




Food packaging, Notebooks, Notepads




Paper bags, manuals, envelopes, notebooks




Magazines, books, Paper bags, Wrapping papers




Kid's books, Maps, Calendar, labels & Tags




Publishings, wallpaper,And other special

(RPD) Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated Stone Paper

1. One ton stone paper can save 20 trees.
2. One ton stone paper can save 280Kw /H electric energy .
3. One ton stone paper can save 7480 gallons clean water.
4. The stone paper production area was only 1/10 of the traditional fiber factory.
5. Stone paper production need only circulating cooling water, the traditional fiber paper produce a large amount of waste water.

Does FSC or PEFC Certifications Apply to Stone Paper Products?

Due to its revolutionary manufacturing process, the environmental and sustainability certifications for Stone Paper are different to wood fiber paper. No forest management certification, such as FSC, or PEFC is required for Stone Paper as no wood fiber is present.

How could Stone Paper be Useful in Landfills?

In some countries such as New Zealand and Australia, waste management companies use calcium carbonate as an expediting agent for processing waste. Our paper with a high level of calcium carbonate content contributes to a significant level of savings for waste management companies in their waste processing system.

How Long Does the Plastic Component Take to Degrade?

The non-toxic HDPE takes about 6-18 months depending on the intensity of UV to start breaking down.

Is Stone Paper Suitable for Office Laser Printers, Photocopiers or Toner Printers?

No. Stone Paper is still not suitable for laser printers or photocopiers because our Stone Papers are photo-degradable, meaning degrading with the intensity of UV light. When it is used in laser printers and UV is exposed onto the paper, the paper reacts to the UV light and starts the degrading mechanism. Therefore laser printers are a NO GO at this point in time. The Stone Paper is still under development for toner printers.

What Type of Printing Methods is Suitable for Stone Paper?

Stone Paper is suited for the following printing methods:

  • Web/Sheet Offset Lithographic
  • UV Web/Sheet Offset Lithographic
  • Flexographic
  • Gravure
  • Digital (Latex/ solid ink) low heat machines
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