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The Features of (SPN) Synthetic Paper No Coated

  • For plastic board applications
  • 80-100 mircrons thick
  • 70% calcium carbonate + 30%PE




Base Weight







(ST)Stone Paper Thermoforming Board





Trays, disposable food packaging and other special uses.










(SPN) Synthetic Paper No Coated
1. One ton stone paper can save 20 trees.
2. One ton stone paper can save 280Kw /H electric energy .
3. One ton stone paper can save 7480 gallons clean water.
4. The stone paper production area was only 1/10 of the traditional fiber factory.
5. Stone paper production need only circulating cooling water, the traditional fiber paper produce a large amount of waste water.

Is there Whiteness Variation?

For environmentally friendly reasons all stone paper products are 100% free from bleach. As bleach or optical brighteners are not added, this means that slight variation in the whiteness between different thicknesses and batches can occur. This is normal.

What is Rubbing Resistance Rubbing Effect?

Via normal offset printing methods, rubbing the printed matter against the paper itself may result in colour offsets. This is normal.
Special ink Overgloss, sealing, aqueous coating or extra converting procedures ( laminating) can be performed to reduce or eliminate this.

What is the Accepted Thickness Variation?

SPN: thickness variation of up to ± 5 microns.     
RBD: thickness variation of up to ± 6 microns.
Particularly when printing solid colors, color differences may be visible due to the thickness variations. However, with continued quality development, these normal variations are expected to reduce.It is expected that thickness variation will further reduce to 3-4 micron with the commissioning of new and enhanced paper machines.

Is Set-Off a Problem?

Stone Paper can be treated much like usual paper stocks. Especially with boards, it is recommended to use small stacks or racking in the delivery especially when large solids are printed. Anti-Offset Spray Powder can be used as per normal. If the press has Infra Red Drying Units (IR) then these should be turned off at the tail end of the sheet may curl or distort with heat, especially with stone papers. Another benefit is that power usage is reduced.

Is Stone Paperless Opaque?

Due to inherently different materials, compared to pulp paper, the stone paper is generally more transparent although a new coater recently has considerably improved opacity to 88%.

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