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Breakthrough in the nature of stone paper technology

Over the years, stone paper technology has been greatly improved from the nature of products, and has made breakthrough progress in many aspects. The patent application No. CN202742735 describes a food-grade stone paper composed of two layers of materials. The first layer is calcium carbonate powder, high-density polyethylene, and composites of calcium carbonate powder and calcium carbonate, modifiers including tougheners, compatibilizers, and other mixed processing. The second layer is low density polyethylene compounded on the first layer. During use, the first layer of the material is directly in contact with the product as packaging paper. Not only can be used to package candy, cooked food, but also for packaging milk, vegetable juice and so on. The invention patent application with the publication number CN102205550A describes a stone corrugated cardboard. Instantly high-temperature hot-melt composite stone paper and stone core paper core paper after passing from high temperature preheating roller, so that the adhesive surface to the molten state. Then it is compounded into corrugated cardboard under the pressure of the composite roll. Compared to traditional corrugated cardboard, stone corrugated board can be used in long-term environment with high humidity and has good anti-jamming performance. For example, the stone paper product with the publication number CN102690078A contains ultrafine components, one biodegradable agent, polypropylene, one maleic acid-grafted polyethylene material, low molecular weight hydrocarbons, and thermal oxidation promotion, dose, epoxy soybean oil, catalyst. The product can be completely degraded into substantially non-strength fragments or even powders within one month in the natural environment, which conforms to the National Standard for Degradable Plastics Definition, Marking and Degradation Performance. Under the background of energy conservation and emission reduction and low carbon development, more and more patents will be invented.