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The Japanese Earthquake Has Shown The Advantages Of Stone Paper

80% of the ingredients of stone paper is stone powder, so the stone paper price is basically not easy to be affected by natural disasters. Price of wood pulp paper rises generally, but stone paper price declines slightly. In the production process, without cutting down trees, using water and discharging waste water, the stone paper occupies more and more market space. It is no wonder that stone paper is very popular with the factory construction, or regional dealers, agents development now.

Stone paper produced by Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. owns the invention patent in major paper use countries and paper production countries all around the world. In China, we set up a dealer in prefecture-level cities to jointly develop the local market. We warmly welcome our friends to join us and discuss how the advantages of stone paper turn into the advantages that benefit all of us.

Business scope of Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. is mainly divided into environmental paper, technology development of stone paper, stone paper and other paper products sales and domestic trade and import and export business. Welcome to call us for order.