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What Is Stone Paper

It is believed that everyone has some knowledge of paper technology and knows that it will bring some pollution to the environment in the process of papermaking. With the continuous progress of technology, the raw materials used in papermaking are also in constant innovation. Produce paper with waste paper or other raw materials to achieve the goal of environmental papermaking.

For recycled paper, as is known, paper made from recycled paper can be called recycled paper or also known as environmental paper. Can only recycled paper be called environmental paper? Of course not. Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. introduces a stone paper. Now, let's take a look at how stone paper contributes to the environment.

Stone paper is a kind of new material between paper and plastic, which can not only replace part of the traditional functional paper, professional paper, but also replace most of the traditional plastic packaging.

1. Protect resources and save energy.

Stone paper is mainly made of stone. Stone comes from the products of mines, and it will not cause deforestation, thus playing a protective role for forest resources.

2. Reduce pollution and emissions.

Water for pulping rinsing is not needed in the process of producing stone paper. Strong acid, strong base and bleach are not needed. Therefore, there will be no waste water problem to pollute the environment.

3. Recovery and degradation.

Stone paper can be recycled. After collection, it can be crushed and extruded to produce items such as plastic bags, flowerpots, plastic buckets.

Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. provides stone paper for sale throughout the year. Customers who want to buy stone paper can call us to know more about it.