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A disposable (also called disposable product) refers to a product designed for a single use after it is recycled or disposed as solid waste. The term-disposable often reminds us of  cheapness and short-termconvenience rather than medium and long-term durability. And our stone paper is an environmentally friendly and durable material.

We make stone paper by an environmental-friendly production way that does not create air air pollution and awater pollution and water pollution. Through photocatalysis degradation process, stone paper can be recycled. No chlorine or acids are caused in its production process, and the finished stone paper is completely non-toxic, and is even food safe.

After irradiation under the sun, there is a lot of stone powder on the stone paper , micron size of stone powder easy absorption of heat raising temperature let stone powder of gelling agent (plastic) damage water vapour and carbon dioxide as fragments. 

Shenzhen Stone Paper has various stone paper disposal goods and disposable supplies, such as  disposable bags, food wrapping paper, heat seal bags and so on. 

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