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(RPD) Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated Stone Paper
(RPD) Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated Stone Paper


  • Double Coated Paper,  for paper applications
  • 100-200microns thick
  • 80% calcium carbonate +20% PE
  • Density is 1.2 g/cm3


  • Printable, surface is much smoother
  • Waterproof and anti-moisture, easy to write and print, but less ink
  • Tear resistant, better choice for children books and notebooks
Applications: Notebooks Food Wrapping Bag Hotel Amenities MORE
(RBD) Rich Mineral Board Double Coated Stone Paper
(RBD) Rich Mineral Board Double Coated Stone Paper


  • Double Coated Paper, for plastic/paper applications
  • 200-400microns thick
  • 60% calcium carbonate +40% PE
  • Density is 1.5 g/cm3


  • Printable, surface is much smoother
  • Waterproof and anti-moisture, easy to write and print, but less ink
  • Tear resistant, better choice for packing
Applications: Calendar Packing Box Alumb/ Book MORE
(SPN) Synthetic Paper No Coated
(SPN) Synthetic Paper No Coated
Applications: MORE
(ST) Stone Paper Thermoforming Board
(ST) Stone Paper Thermoforming Board


  • No coated, for plastic board applications
  • 400-700microns thick
  • 60% calcium carbonate +40% PE
  • Density is 1.6 g/cm3


  • Toxic-free, food grade
  • Photodegradable and Recyclable, good choice for disposable packing
  • Grease resistant, durable
Applications: Packing Box Disposable Meal Box MORE

Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise a leading manufacturer which owns the stone paper making industry chain in China. We devote continuously to promote stone paper all around the world. We spend lots of energy and time to develop the new applications of stone paper. Due to its special characteristics, Stone paper is becoming more popular in the world especially Europe.

With a integrated quality assurance system, we guarantee to provide our customers high quality products and  professional and convenient service. 

Choose Stone Paper, be partners with us, let us spread stone paper all over the world and make our planet clean and green. 

Stone Paper Production

The yearly output of our factory is 10 million stone paper including RPD/RBD/STN/ST. We have more than 40 invention patents from world around. We have a full set of  large-scale equipment from Grind Powder Process - Pelletize process - Coating process - Papermaking process - Cutting process. The production line can be worked aotomaticly in 7*24hs.

Grind Powder Process
Grind Powder Process

The raw materials of stone paper is provided in this process. After cleaning and broken , Calcite block has been ground to lime carbonate powder (600 mesh),and the average grain diameter could be 5μm-8μm, It would be sent to the warehouse after grading screening.

Pelletize Process
Pelletize Process

After surface active treating, the lime carbonate powder fully mixed with polyethylene. In high temperature and high pressure conditions, with organic fertilizer catalyst of complete mixer and the granulating process, then produce the high fill and high dispersion of master batch.

Papermaking Process
Papermaking Process

After rolling process, material end spacing, compression, extrusion molding, die head for three layers structure of co-extrusion, the middle tier for high calcium carbonate filling base material layer, inner and outer surface of pure polyethylene layer.

  • Stone paper is a best choice for gift packing. It is water-proof/ tear resistace and eco-friendly. We can also do hot foil on it.

  • Stone paper has the same printing quality as the wood-pulp paper, but has more advantages than wood-pulp paper. We are so apprciated for the prompt response and customized service from Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd.

  • Many thanks for the help from Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise LTd. Although there was a quality problem in our first container goods, they compensated us for it in high quality goods and made the quality better and better. We had a pleaseant and increasely business cooperation.

Stone paper-gift Stone Paper customized service thanks to stone power
  • Q Is Stone Paper Recyclable?
  • A Stone Paper is easy to be recycled to remade into colored paper and other plastic products,through the category 2 HDPE recycling stream---converting the used paperback into pellets for production.
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