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About the excellent properties of stone paper

Good physical properties: stone paper not only has the same whiteness and opacity as traditional paper, but also has many properties that traditional paper does not have, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, mothproof, chemical resistance, and high printing clarity , Good mechanical properties, flattening performance, surface smoothness and degradability and other characteristics.

Good safety performance: The main body of the stone paper is calcium carbonate and other inorganic substances. The resin and various additives are also non-toxic and have no adverse effects on the objects in contact. At the same time, stone paper does not absorb water, and it is difficult for molds to adhere to the surface of the paper, and the disposal of waste paper is also very safe and will not cause soil pollution. Good printing and writing performance: stone paper can be printed with ordinary inks, flexographic, gravure, offset, silk screen and other printing methods can also be used for printing, and pencils and ballpoint pens can also be used for direct writing. The photo paper is made by coating ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder on a resin substrate. These ultra-fine particles make the surface of the paper have numerous small holes, which facilitates the firm absorption of ink and avoids the phenomenon of ink halo.

Because the stone paper has no fibers and is smooth and smooth, it has high definition after inkjet printing. The calcium carbonate on the surface of the photographic paper will not chemically react with the ink, and the occurrence of color cast and decolorization is avoided. Traditional color inkjet printing paper is prone to smudging ink on the surface, and the ink layer even oozes to the back. Stone paper does not have this disadvantage. Under the requirements of the same definition, the calcium carbonate particles and resin molecules in the stone paper hardly penetrate the ink compared with the plant fiber, so it will save about half of the ink volume and greatly reduce the printing cost. Stone paper will not be oxidized by air, will not change color or become yellow, and is more suitable for the preservation of precious photos. Compared with traditional color inkjet printing photo paper, the price of stone paper photo paper is only about 1/3 of the latter, which will significantly reduce the cost of photo paper users.