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(RPD) Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated Stone Wrapping Paper

  • (RPD) Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated Stone Wrapping Paper

(RPD) Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated Stone Wrapping Paper


The Features of (RPD) Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated Stone Paper
For paper applications
100-200 microns thick
80% calcium carbonate + 20%PE





Base Weight







(RPD)Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated





Food packaging, Notebooks, Notepads, Hotel supplies




Food packaging, Notebooks, Notepads




Paper bags, manuals, envelopes, notebooks




Magazines, books, Paper bags, Wrapping papers




Kid's books, Maps, Calendar, labels & Tags




Publishings, wallpaper,And other special

1. One ton stone paper can save 20 trees.
2. One ton stone paper can save 280Kw /H electric energy .
3. One ton stone paper can save 7480 gallons clean water.
4. The stone paper production area was only 1/10 of the traditional fiber factory.
5. Stone paper production need only circulating cooling water, the traditional fiber paper produce a large amount of waste water.

Stone paper is also called rich mineral paper which is made mainly from dusty stone with 15% percent polyethylene and 5% percent adhesive. This kind of paper is waterproof, hard and uninflammable, and the most important thing is that there is no need to cut trees, which is very environmental.

The paper made from stone looks ordinary from the appearance, but if you write something and immerse it in water for ten minutes, the character is  same as before, and  the paper still can be  written when you make it dry. If you burn rich mineral paper and general paper at the same time, you will find that the general paper burns to the ground quickly , on the contrary, fire of rich mineral paper is becoming smaller and smaller till it puts out.

The technology was developed successfully in domestic in the 1970s. However, it failed to get promoted because of the neglect to environmental protection and the situation of cost at that time. In recent years, rich mineral paper has made some breakthrough in the aspect of technology so that the reversal of cost took place and it is widely used now, such as notebook, paper bags and plates. At the time of taking environmental protection seriously, the technology will draw much attention from people gradually.

The new kind of paper is made from much inorganic mineral powder and little plastic resin whose function is similar to traditional wood pulp paper. It has got  patents in more than forty countries, China, America, England, France, Germany, Italia, Australia and Canada and so on. Its working process is a unpolluted way without cutting trees, using water, discharging of gas and wastewater. Besides, rich mineral paper is recyclable. It will turn into dust after isolation without waste and then return to nature. It meets the standard of American Food and Drug Administration.

The types of rich mineral paper
According to the above-mentioned target markets, at present, there are different kinds of paper because of their nature differences. The main four kinds are: RP, SP, TR, TS, JG and JM.

The differences of rich mineral paper
The new wood free pulp mineral paper takes environmental protection cost, raw material, machinability, market acceptance and futurity into consideration. Although it can't totally take traditional paper's place, it has the similar quality to traditional paper with the physical property of composite paper. We make a comparison among wood pulp paper, composite paper and rich mineral paper.

The features of rich mineral paper

  • Good quality and low cost

  • Extensive uses. It can not only take traditional paper's place but also has good absorbency, waterproofness and foldability, and it is easy to bind.

  • It can replace opaque PVC, PP, PE and PET plastic film to cut cost, and is also suitable for making disposable goods like various packing bags, shopping bags, reticule, plates and cups.

  • For other specific printing purposes.

The characteristics of rich mineral paper
The development in paper characteristics of rich mineral paper includes safety, physical property and other characteristics. Its main characteristic is waterproof, anti-fog, grease proofing and insect prevention, and in the aspect of the physical property, its tearing resistance and folding resistance is better than wood pulp paper. We make analysis according to its characteristics, needs and the target market for future development.

Rich mineral paper's absorbency of ink is good, and its inkjet printing is waterproof and cannot be etched because of nano stone batter. The definition of rich mineral paper is higher even up to 2880dpi because of its fibreless. There is no color cast and decoloration because chemical action will not take place with ink without the membrane. In general, the 720dpi accuracy of rich mineral paper amounts to the 140dpi accuracy of traditional paper.

The working  and recycle process of rich mineral paper
Rich mineral paper is turning stone minerals into powder with plastic and auxiliaries instead of wood pulp paper and plastic film. The main ingredient of this environmental paper is 80% percent mineral substance ( stone powder). This patent is worked out with calcium carbonate fro marble mine in Hualien area in Taiwan and environmental PE material, then the paper that meets standard with good quality and low cost was developed successfully after the process of mixing raw material, prilling, film building and coating. At the same time, it can replace the present paper with high cost and high order.

Besides, this series of paper can recycle, even if it is thrown in nature, mineral flour will be resolved and returned to nature after irradiating without pollution.

The uses of rich mineral paper
Decorative wallpaper, carton, paper box, coated paper, cigarette paper, label, card, advertising decoration paper and flat envelope; in special aspects, such as field operation paper, underwater operation paper, undermine operation paper and military paper. Its uses are really wide and it also will be wider with the development of paper technology. The cost of rich mineral paper goods is lower 20-30 percent than alternative paper goods with powerful competitiveness and bright market prospect.

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Q1: Does FSC or PEFC Certifications Apply to Stone Paper Products?
A1: Due to its revolutionary manufacturing process, the environmental and sustainability certifications for Stone Paper are different to wood fiber
       paper. No forest management certification, such as FSC, or PEFC is required for Stone Paper as no wood fiber is present.

Q2: How could Stone Paper be Useful in Landfills?
A2: In some countries such as New Zealand and Australia, waste management companies use calcium carbonate as an expediting agent for
       processing waste. Our paper with a high level of calcium carbonate content contributes to a significant level of savings for waste management
       companies in their waste processing system.

Q3: How Long Does the Plastic Component Take to Degrade?
A3: The non-toxic HDPE takes about 6-18 months depending on the intensity of UV to start breaking down.

Q4: Is Stone Paper Suitable for Office Laser Printers, Photocopiers or Toner Printers?
A4: No. Stone Paper is still not suitable for laser printers or photocopiers because our Stone Papers are photo-degradable, meaning degrading with
       the intensity of UV light. When it is used in laser printers and UV is exposed onto the paper, the paper reacts to the UV light and starts the
       degrading mechanism. Therefore laser printers are a NO GO at this point in time. The Stone Paper is still under development for toner printers.

Q5: What Type of Printing Methods is Suitable for Stone Paper?
A5: Stone Paper is suited for the following printing methods:
      1.Web/Sheet Offset Lithographic
      2.UV Web/Sheet Offset Lithographic
      5.Digital (Latex/ solid ink) low heat machines