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Waterproof Notebook Stone Paper, A Major Breakthrough In The Low-Carbon Industry

09 Jul 2019

Waterproof Notebook Stone Paper is the advanced paper technology leading the world in the domestic. With Calcium carbonate, the most abundant mineral resource in the earth's crust, as the main raw material, high polymer materials and a variety of inorganic materials as auxiliary raw materials, new technology for stone and paper is the new pape

Do You Know That Stones Can Be Made Into Paper?

06 Jul 2019

Waterproof Stone Notebook is a new material between paper and plastic. From the perspective of replacing the traditional part of paper, it can save a lot of forest resources for the society, and reduce the secondary pollution produced in the papermaking process. From the perspective of replacing the traditional part of plastic packaging, it can sav

Three Processes For Producing Stone Paper Disposal Goods

03 Jul 2019

Stone paper disposal goods is mainly composed of stone powder (calcium carbonate), resin, etc. At present, many domestic enterprises or research institutions claim to have mastered this technology. From the information that has been published, the technologies of each enterprise are similar. The proportions are close. It's basically 80% stone p

More Environmentally Friendly, Paper Can Be Made Of Waterproof Stone notebook

30 Jun 2019

Have you ever seen any waterproof stone notebook? Technical research and development team of Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. recycled building materials, ground it into stone powder,and mixed the powder with a small amount of resin, so the "stone paper" was successfully produced. The toughness of these paper is stronger than ordinary