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More Environmentally Friendly, Paper Can Be Made Of Waterproof Stone notebook

Have you ever seen any waterproof stone notebook? Technical research and development team of Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. recycled building materials, ground it into stone powder,and mixed the powder with a small amount of resin, so the "stone paper" was successfully produced. The toughness of these paper is stronger than ordinary paper, it has whiter color, and effect of waterproof. After writing, soak it in water and rub it, the paper won't break and the fonts won't spread. After drying the water, we can repeat writing on it. The paper has the following features: environmentally friendly, waterproof and not easy to burn.

The difference between stone paper and ordinary paper
The appearance of stone paper will save a lot of trees. Producing a ton of stone paper help reduce the cutting of 20 trees. In the manufacturing process, there is no need of water, agents such as bleach, strong acid, strong alkali. It does not discharge waste water, waste gas and does not produce waste. Notebooks made of stone paper cost a little more than ordinary ones, ranging from 8 to 10 yuan each.

From the perspective of environmental protection, China's waste recycling system is in a leading position in the world. For example, when you buy a car, you need to add 5000 yuan to the commission. After the car is scrapped and sent to the recycling center, you can take back 5,000 yuan. The plastic fiber clothes produced in China are made from waste mineral water bottles. This product has the vast majority of the global market share. In the field of agricultural science and technology, we hope that through the rapid development of enterprises, we can share our environmental and creative ideas and scientific and technological achievements with the world.

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