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What is Rich Mineral Paper

What is Rich Mineral Paper

The main raw material of new technology what we called rich mineral paper is the richest calcium carbonate in the crust, taking high polymer material and many kinds of inorganic substances as auxiliary raw material, it is a new kind of papermaking technology that is recyclable by making use of high molecular surfactant chemical principle, filling modification technique and special process. It is a new world-leading technology at home. It can not only solve the problem of pollution caused by traditional paper making but also solve the problem of white pollution and the waste of oil resources from plastic packaging.

Productive process of Rich Mineral Paper

Firstly, extract the calcium carbonate from limestone and then mill mineral into high calcium 1500-2500 ultrafine powder. Secondly, add 15% additive to 85% modified calcium carbonate to make masterbatch. Finally, make paper and bags through extrusion and blowing equipment.

In the working process of rich mineral paper, there is no need for water and organic chlorides like the strong acid, strong base and bleaching powder. It don't have several important links which will cause pollution than traditional paper technology, such as stewing, washing and bleaching so that the pollution problems caused by three wastes in the process of producing paper can be rooted out. At the same time, its cost is 20-30%  lower and its price is lower 10-20% than the traditional paper because its main raw material is cheap mineral flour.

Types of Rich Mineral Paper

It has a wide range of application. It can be used in disposable goods like rubbish bags, shopping bags, food bags, compact bags, plates, podotheca, gloves, tablecloth, raincoats and dust sheets; in the cultural paper, such as printing paper, writing paper, advertising decoration paper, glazed printing paper, coated paper, membrane paper, drawing paper, poster paper, typing paper, flat envelops, cigarette paper, glassine and newspaper; in decorative building materials like decorative wallpaper; in the industrial packaging field, such as seed packets, bags of cement, rice bags, garment bags, various handbags and paper boxes; in special aspects, such as field operation paper, underwater operation paper, undermine operation paper and military paper. Its range of use is really wide and will be wider with the development of rich mineral papermaking technology. The cost of rich mineral paper goods is lower 20-30 percent than alternative paper goods so it has a powerful competitiveness and a bright market prospect.

Price of Rich Mineral Paper

According to the introduction on the Internet, its price is lower 2/3 than traditional paper.

Environmental significance

The appearance of rich mineral paper not only advocates the topic of "low carbon" but also provides more choices for people to use paper.