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Do You Know That Stones Can Be Made Into Paper?

Waterproof Stone Notebook is a new material between paper and plastic. From the perspective of replacing the traditional part of paper, it can save a lot of forest resources for the society, and reduce the secondary pollution produced in the papermaking process. From the perspective of replacing the traditional part of plastic packaging, it can save a lot of strategic resources, oil, for the country. But some experts question whether it can be degraded. As a new thing, the stone paper moves on in the controversy.

What is stone paper?
Stone paper is also called stone material paper. Limestone mineral resources with large reserves and wide distribution (calcium carbonate content up to 70~80% is the main source and the high polymer is the auxiliary material (the content is 20-30%). It makes use of the chemical principle of Polymer interface and the feature of polymer modification. After special processing, it adpots polymer extrusion, blowing molding process. It is a kind of processed paper. Stone paper has the same writing performance and printing effect as plant fiber paper, and has the core performance of plastic packaging.

How does it contribute to environmental protection?
Resource conservation and energy conservation. Stone paper comes from mines. The trees do not need to be cut down. It is a great protection for the forest. Calcium carbonate is the main raw material, so no water need to adding in the process. It saves precious water resources. At the same time, the energy consumption is lower than the traditional wood pulp paper. It will help solve problems such as global warming caused by carbon dioxide.

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