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"Burn After Reading" Black Technology Notebook. It Will Not Be Used Up In 60 Years And Store In 1 Se

Is this a "burn after reading" notebook? Do do think too much. This "Burning" is not that "Burning". It is very magical. When the hair dryer blows, the handwriting on the notebook will disappear automatically.

Everyone is familiar with paper notebook in student life to social work used for doing homework or recording work. It is not only convenient to record, but also we have satisfaction to write with a paper notebook. Every day we write on paper notebooks. We are all too familiar with notebooks. But the magical notebook with black technology, so called "it can not be used up" —have you ever seen?


The most amazing feature of Waterproof Notebook Stone Paper is that there is no need to worry about wrong characters. The writing can be cleared by brushing with the end of pen slightly like eraser. More amazingly, it can freshen up the entire notebook by using a hair dryer. If you do not have the hair dryer, you can also dab it on a damp cloth or paper towel. The writing disappears without trace. Can the notebook tolerate erasing over and over again?

So the problem is,  I want to keep all the information in my waterproof notebook stone paper, will the writing before be in vain if I erase it? Don't worry, the second black technology - witness the miracle moment. APP smart cloud synchronization. Through the APP, we can also scan the written content and synchronize the created content to the cloud for storage. Just like this, scan it and finish importing the content. It is very simple and convenient. It supports automatic border recognition, OCR recognition of content. It also supports the function of picture to the text and recognition of Chinese and English.

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